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Welcome to the web site of the Indiana Dancers Association (IDA). Our purpose is to promote, sponsor, and provide for the cultural development and maintenance of high standards of square and round dancing. We assist in the formation of square and round dance clubs, cooperate with callers, cuers, civic and community organizations sponsoring square and round dance activities. We work to further friendly relations among our members and member clubs and encourage square and round dancing as a wholesome social recreation.

This web site is intended to provide the visitor with information about square dance clubs, callers and cuers, when and where dances are held, and contact information. The navigation bar at your left will help you find whatever you're looking for.


To make reservations for the 25th Annual Indiana Square and Round Dance Convention and receive the special room rates, click on the "conventions" link at the left.



From the Presidents:                

Now that the weather isn’t so uncertain, and you’ve got your garden planted,  it is a good time to plan ahead to attend special dances in Indiana and club dances that might not be regular destinations.  There are a number of dancers who have recently graduated and may be a bit uncertain about going out on their own. You could suggest that they go with you or meet you somewhere.

  If you attended the Square Dance Nationals in Little Rock, June 25 – 28, and still want more, Illinois, Michigan and Tennessee are holding their conventions in July and August and would surely be glad to see you there. You can find information on the IDA website – – for these conventions and for Indiana club dances. You can bet that you’ll be welcome!  And, wherever you go, be sure to take a handful of flyers for our Indiana Convention!

 It isn’t too early – or too late – to get your reservations in for the 25th anniversary of the Indiana Square and Round Dance Convention. There are many special things being planned for this year’s convention, October 17 – 19. And if you want to be part of the planning for future conventions in Indiana, let us know!  

 Don’t Forget! We’ll be looking for you at the Indiana State Fair on Sunday, August 3, from 5:30 till 7:30 pm. Last year we had a great turn-out and we are looking for as many or more dancers this year at the new location near the Covered Bridge in Celebration Park. Encourage your caller or cuer to come, too. The More, the Merrier!  You can get free tickets from Gary Hutton, or from Chuck McConnell.

 Have a great summer! Remember - The More you Dance, the Better You Feel!                

        Share the fun and friendship!!!          

 Lois Daugherty & Chuck McConnell

IDA Presidents


For those that are taking advantage of the IMS fund raisers and need alcohol serving information, we have received this about your ATC certification.

Good afternoon.

It’s the law!  All alcohol permit holders must complete a certified alcohol server training program by April 30, 2014.  Knowing this could pose a challenge, both geographically and/or financially for many not-for-profit organizations; we have established a relationship with “Safe Servers of Indiana” to help with this certification.  Thorough their statewide coverage, you will be able to attend a class near your district, all at a considerably reduced price (only $10/person.)

 We have provided Dave McRee and his staff with a list of organizations that will require the certification.  Please watch for an email from them or you may contact them directly at or to get or set up a training class.  If you have any questions, please let me know. 

     Thanks, Denny

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