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Welcome to the web site of the Indiana Dancers Association (IDA). Our purpose is to promote, sponsor, and provide for the cultural development and maintenance of high standards of square and round dancing. We assist in the formation of square and round dance clubs, cooperate with callers, cuers, civic and community organizations sponsoring square and round dance activities. We work to further friendly relations among our members and member clubs and encourage square and round dancing as a wholesome social recreation.

This web site is intended to provide the visitor with information about square dance clubs, callers and cuers, when and where dances are held, and contact information. The navigation bar at your left will help you find whatever you're looking for.



From the Presidents:                


Summer is upon us with many, many dance opportunities.  This is the time of year when we can all get out in public and "strut our stuff"!  We can dance at fairs and festivals all summer long.  This is the time to "sell" our hobby.  Don't miss a chance to take part in any of these events.  On the first weekend in May you have two chances to do just that!

They both occur on Saturday, May 7.  The first occurs very early on that day.  We will be dancing for the Indianapolis 500 Mini-Marathon.  Although we don't have the exact location yet, we will be in the area of the traffic circle at 16th and Georgetown in Indianapolis.  Dancers need to arrive between 6:00 and 6:30 AM as the event begins at 8:00 AM.  The streets get blocked off just after this time.  If you come, you will have the chance to help entertain over 25,000 runners as the pass by.  This has been done for years and many runners stop and thank us.  Dancing will be over by 10:30.  All dancers and callers are invited.

The second is at the Riley Wranglers Craft Fair at the Hancock County Fairgrounds from 2-4 PM.  This is the same location where the New Dancers Roundup was held this year.  Not only is this a fun dance, you check out the many vendors at the show.  Check the dance listings on how to get more information on the dance.

It is no secret to anyone that we need more dancers.  Please do not miss an opportunity to help us attract more people to our hobby.  A lot of people, like me, have no idea that they want to dance.  We just need to let them see how much fun one can have in this activity.

As I always say, IDA is YOUR organization!  It works best when you get involved.  Attend meetings, talk to your officers!  Help us to make our hobby and our organization thrive and grow.


          John and Carolyn Cook

      IDA Presidents


For those that are taking advantage of the IMS fund raisers and need alcohol serving information, we have received this about your ATC certification.

Good afternoon.

It’s the law!  All alcohol permit holders must complete a certified alcohol server training program by April 30, 2014.  Knowing this could pose a challenge, both geographically and/or financially for many not-for-profit organizations; we have established a relationship with “Safe Servers of Indiana” to help with this certification.  Thorough their statewide coverage, you will be able to attend a class near your district, all at a considerably reduced price (only $10/person.)

 We have provided Dave McRee and his staff with a list of organizations that will require the certification.  Please watch for an email from them or you may contact them directly at or to get or set up a training class.  If you have any questions, please let me know. 

     Thanks, Denny

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